core values

We strive to reduce the impact fashion has on the environment and

inspire future generations everywhere to live without limits.


organic and eco-friendly

ArtyWren garments are 100% biodegradable and are manufactured from organic cotton in a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified factory in India, one of the world’s largest producers of organic cotton. 

We vow not to use any single use plastics, so our biodegradable buttons are made from the organic fibres of the 'Tagua' or 'Corozo' palm seed as it's also known.  The use of Corozo buttons supports an entire eco-system in the South American rainforests and creates thousands of jobs.

Our clothing tags are made from seed paper containing wildflower seeds, to encourage children to plant them rather than throw them away.

All packaging is biodegradable, recyclable or reusable. 

To find out more, head over to our ethics page.

shop by theme

Imagine a store where you don’t have to visit boy and girl sections in search of clothing for your children. Simply shop by what interests them!

At ArtyWren you shop by themes like Imagination, Prehistoric, Science, Outer Space and many more, so no longer will a child’s gender determine the clothing available to them.

Boys can appreciate flowers and unicorns as much as girls can love science and dinosaurs!

Every child deserves the same opportunities in life,
but unless we stop treating boys and girls differently that simply isn’t going to happen
— Dr Javid Abelman

 one for one

Each time a garment is purchased we will donate a themed organic cotton T shirt to a child in need – one for one.  You can read more about our cause on our ethics page.

We are proud to work with the charity Goa Outreach - find out more about our chosen charity here.



With our ‘Thoughtful Threads’ we want to inspire future generations everywhere to be who they want to be.