Our story

The idea for ArtyWren started around the end of 2016 and was inspired by our children.

Our daughters both loved science and dinosaurs as much as they did fairies and sparkles and our sons wanted to be superheroes and appreciate flowers and unicorns without judgement. When it came to clothing, we couldn’t find an ethical brand that was free from the usual connotations associated with girls and boys, in fact, we'd never seen a unicorn on a piece of boys' clothing!

The stereotypical messaging that has become the norm in the childrenswear industry limits children’s interests and beliefs and made us question whether boy and girl sections are necessary at all. This led us to develop our own clothing range that celebrates diversity.

We wanted our clothes to relate to children themselves rather than their gender, so with the help of our little ones, came up with the ArtyWren themes.

The 'Thoughtful Threads' concept was borne out of a desire to engage with children and encourage them to think, learn, care and create more.

ArtyWren Co-Founders Katie and Karen

ArtyWren Co-Founders Katie and Karen

Fashion is the world’s second largest cause of pollution.  50% of all clothing is made from Polyester. Polyester is made from plastic and is not biodegradable - it takes 200 years for it to break down! In addition, producing Polyester requires a high amount of energy, contributing to high emissions of carbon dioxide.  Our dream was to produce a product that not only has minimum impact on the planet but also teaches children the importance of conserving it for future generations.

We created ArtyWren for children everywhere and especially wanted to reach those less fortunate.  Having made the decision to have our clothes manufactured in India and subsequently learning it has more street children than any other country, it made complete sense for us to try and make a difference to at least some of those children and the ArtyWren One for One cause was born.  Each time a garment is purchased ArtyWren will donate a themed organic cotton T shirt to a child in need.

Our desire to nurture children’s unique personalities and empower them to embrace who they are is the driving force behind ArtyWren.

We hope you love ArtyWren as much as we have loved creating it!

Katie and Karen x